Huizhou Chaoren technology co., LTD is committed to the research and development, promotion, production, sales and service of adhesive tape and other packaging materials in the application field.Through years of efforts, by virtue of product stability, reliability and the company's quality service, has been recognized and trusted by customers.Jiatai products not only sell well in China, gainbut also the favor of European and American, Japan and South Korea and other foreign customers.


Huizhou Chaoren co., LTD., the development of science and technology, not only with its own property rights of industrial park, configuration of advanced production equipment, perfect testing instruments, more a fostered by the companies themselves, unity, pragmatic, professional and enterprising young management team, condensed one batch of spirit unique huizhou Chaoren technology co., LTD.


Huizhou Chaoren science and technology co., LTD is mainly engaged in adhesive tape products research and development, production and sales, including BOPP packing tape, stationery tape, textured paper tape, double-sided tape, duct tape, floor tape, sponge tape, kraft paper tape, mara tape, tape, special tape and other vegetables, comprehensive meet the different needs of different application fields in the various industries to tape;Have a comprehensive independent intellectual property rights registered trademarks."Chaoren"  and "Chaoren tape" are registered trademarks of jiatai.The adhesive tape products of huizhou chaoren science and technology co., LTD conform to the European standard for packaging materials 94/62/EC and the European directive 2002/95/EC on electronic and electrical products (ROHS directive for short).Among them, electrical tape has been the OEM of the major international brands. Since 2010, when they started to develop the Chinese mainland market, they have been highly recognized in the market, and their market share has been rapidly rising, with sales channels spread all over the cities.